Johnny Johnson, MD

I’ve experienced a tremendous
amount of strength & lost 12 lbs...
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Roxann Headley, MD

I’m amazed. I have tried...
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Sherry Laubach, MD

I lost ten pounds and feel toned,
firm and I’ve developed healthy...
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Mary Pearsal, RN

I’ve lost twelve pounds and went
from a size 9 to a size 5 jeans...
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Nicole Hanson,
Exercise Physiologist

After six weeks of the DeepTone®
program, I was amazed and...
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Jana Smith,
Exercise Physiologist

I dropped 20 pounds and
3 dress sizes...
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Traci Telander, M.S.,
Exercise Physiologist
Former Research Assistant
for the U.S. Swim Team

The DeepTone® program is a
breakthrough in the way Americans
can achieve results.
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Wes K. Age 57

I love DeepTone!!! I finally found a program to help me lose weight and increase strength in my lower body. The instructors are great! They helped me through the exercises with the modified program. Even with the modified program, I still lost 31 pounds!!

Caralynn B. Age 42

I am so happy because I lost 17 pounds in 6 weeks! My goal was 18 pounds. I love the nutrition program that the instructor helped me to create. It works great with my lifestyle and I'm not really even hungry. Today my pants almost fell off me! So my clothes are definitely fitting better, my nails are growing, and I've been sleeping like a rock. I feel so much smaller, but I still want to lose 15-20 more pounds. I do feel a lot stronger and have noticed some nice definition. I'm excited to continue with the program to lose more weight, be more toned, and stronger.

Lynn R.

Six weeks ago, I began the DeepTone Once A Week workout program after seeing an ad in the newspaper. 60 minutes, once a week, with 95% success ratio certainly grabbed my attention since I work 50-60 hours a week and have little time for anything else. But I knew I could commit to once a week, especially when I found out they have trainers who work with physical limitations, like mine which require special modifications when exercising. In fact, I severely injured my leg five years ago and now have a metal plate and huge screws in my leg as well as knee reconstruction, resulting in very limited exercise capabilities; or so I thought. Ever since my accident I have felt afraid to do any strenuous exercise, until now.

The DeepTone method can be modified to work around my limitations and still work out the target areas everyone is focusing in on. This allows me to strengthen and tone all the flab I have accrued over the past five years. Also their eating program has allowed me to lose weight while never feeling hungry. As a result, I have already lost 12 pounds and one pant size….in just six weeks! I am thrilled and extremely motivated to continue with DeepTone indefinitely. This is the best decision I have made for myself in years and I highly recommend the program to everyone.

There is NO EXCUSE not to do it. This is a fine-tuned, well thought out, and PROVEN method, which I feel blessed to have discovered! Onward I go to the new and improved me, who has a new life with more energy than I ever dreamed possible! Thank You DeepTone!

Barb I. Age 51

My weight is down 15 pounds. I have never measured my inches, but my body is trimmer – no question!
This works!

Erynn S. Age 25

I have always loved to work out. I have been doing step aerobics, swimming, elliptical training, Billy Blanks, Tae Bo, Pilates, and Yoga Booty Ballet. Even working out 45-60 minutes, 4-5 times a week, I gained 9 pounds!
I have only done 4 workouts and 4 weeks of the nutritional program and I have lost 15 pounds!! This is incredible. I never thought I would find a workout that would ever give me results.

I was not planning on doing the nutritional program, however, after how hard I work at class, there is no way I am going to mess it up by my eating. I have always struggled with my weight and losing body fat. I am down a notch on my belt, and my pants are getting too big on me, there is a lot of extra material that just bundles! I even had a skeptical friend of mine sign up for the class last week after hearing and seeing my results. Yay DeepTone!!

Dan M. Age 42

I decided to try the DeepTone program after learning of it from a friend of a friend. Over the past few years of concentrating on my career, I had become less active, was not focusing on my nutrition, and I had gained weight. I was not happy with there I was physically and needed to jump-start my getting back into shape. I decided to focus on nutrition plan #4 and followed it very strictly.

I was pleased that I was never hungry, and the weight began to melt off. I lost 14 pounds in the first week and lost 25 pounds during the first 6 week beginner program. I'm now focusing on loosing an additional “body fat %” and am training to do a marathon in January. I have been very surprised at how much better I feel now when I run. Being 25 pounds lighter has made a huge difference! DeepTone is an amazing program!! It’s the toughest thing you'll ever do, and will produce results that make it all worth it!

Kaeleigh G. Age 16

I lost 10 pounds in 6 weeks doing DeepTone. The results started fast. I immediately noticed my legs getting smaller and my stomach flattening. It is a LOT of work, but it’s worth it because it works! I’ve noticed I have a lot more energy and I’ve been taking better care of my body since I started DeepTone.

Rosanne G. Age 53

I’ve enjoyed the exercise program. The nutrition program is great and really helps with the weight loss, if you make it a lifestyle change for good. You feel full, and you feel better! I want to continue with the maintenance classes because you do see definite results right away. It’s the best program out there I’ve seen. I really like it! The instructors have been extremely helpful and encouraging. They’ve been very understanding and concerned with everyone’s progress. And it’s been a great way for my daughter and I to spend time together, being involved in a mutual goal!

George G. Age 33

It is a low impact workout, which is good for me because I have a neck injury. I noticed an increase in strength for snowboarding and other activities. I have lost inches around my waist. For once a week, it’s a great workout with awesome results. It’s also the best deal in town!

Christie H. Age 38

I lost 12 pounds and 8 total inches in six weeks! I have more energy and feel empowered to continue through with my long term goals. Our instructors were awesome!!!

Connie M. Age 51

I have lost 8 pounds and am very happy with that. I am starting menopause and have struggled to lose anything before this. I think my body is doing so much better now. I feel so good mentally and physically. Previously, I was walking 6 miles per week and not losing. I will be a member forever; I love the staff and the program!! Thank you, Thank you! I wanted to do this program for a long time, it is a dream come true for me. P.S. My clothes are fitting better and loose!

Randi S. Age 32

I have loved this class. Yes, the once a week is so nice, but it is so much more! I used to be very athletic and strong, and have not stayed as active since I had my second child. After doing this class, I feel muscles I haven’t felt in years, I am already more toned, I eat better, and I have more energy. I do well in a class where I am challenged- DeepTone does that for me! Thanks!

Sharon F. Age 56

I am so impressed with DeepTone! I lost 1 ½ inches off my thighs and my jeans are HUGE! I feel so much stronger, toned, and my energy level has gone off the charts. The instructors are phenomenal! They are very positive, encouraging, knowledgeable, and have made the entire experience awesome!!! I am signing up for life. I think it is a great program and I’m recommending it to everyone who compliments me on my weight loss!

Krisha S. Age 25

DeepTone has changed the way I think about exercise. My body has changed drastically! I am more tone and see definition in my muscles. I feel better and am no longer overwhelmed by the thought of exercise. I really feel that this was one of the best decisions I ever made!

Bobbi M. Age 44

I started DeepTone suffering from headaches, fatigue, and complete disgust in my body. Following the nutrition plan and working out the DeepTone one hour class, I made my goal to lose 10 pounds. I no longer suffer from headaches and sleep better at night. I do not feel like a nap in the afternoon anymore. I plan on continuing DeepTone to reach my next goal of 10 more pounds off my body. I feel so much better. I plan on this new fitness/nutrition plan for life!

Karen K. Age 39

Six weeks ago, my goal was to “fit in some of my old clothes and look better in a bathing suit by Thanksgiving.” We’re going to Florida next week and I have definitely achieved both goals. I’m down 15 pounds and 2 sizes. I am wearing clothes I haven’t worn in 4 years! I feel great! I have plenty of energy and don’t feel like I’m starving myself with the nutrition plan. I even lost weight in my fingers! My rings are really loose now. I’m still nursing the baby, and the exercise and nutrition plans have not affected that at all! I am very happy with the DeepTone program, and look forward to continuing. My friends and work colleagues are amazed and very impressed!

Marie S. Age 53

After only six weeks, I have lost 9 pounds. I am noticing some definition in my arms and my legs feel more solid. This program actually works!

Leslie F. Age 28

I've noticed that I am so much stronger. I am moving boxes that other people are having a hard time with. This past weekend, we moved out of our townhome and I was amazed by my strength! My clothes feel looser and I've lost 7 pounds. I've noticed when doing the nutrition and workout, the weight was falling off. I will continue to do this program- I like that it’s for 1 hour 1 day a week, it kicks my butt! I can tell the by the shape of my thighs they are more toned.

Kimberly B. Age 26

DeepTone was a very positive experience for me. It was comforting to know that one hour, once a week, along with an improved eating habit was what I needed to be in shape. I noticed increased energy throughout my day, as well as weight loss of 7 pounds, and definitely more tone muscles. The nutritional plan was an adjustment, yet very reasonable, and very positive for both me and my husband. The class itself was hard work, which was expected, but I always left feeling great. The instructors were awesome and very helpful. I am excited about many more years with the DeepTone program. Thanks!

Suzanne H. Age 42

This program is the best I have found since seeking out a fitness program. I did this program 10 years ago, for three years, and got down from a size 14 to a size 8! I am looking forward to the same results this time around.

Donna H. Age 54

I lost 9 pounds in 5 weeks. I feel stronger than ever and have been discovering new developments in my body every day. I feel more energetic and motivated than ever before! Who knew only one hour of working out, once a week, could result in such a substantial change in me. I did this for me- I did this for my birthday. But so many friends and family have been so proud of me. Now I feel like I did this for them too!

Melanie S. Age 18

I started doing DeepTone to find a more effective form of exercise. As a high school cross country runner, I was used to running every day at high intensity levels. When I stopped running, I learned quickly that just working out once or twice a week did not help my body or the way it looked. DeepTone is completely different from any form of exercise I've ever done, and it works! I have more core and upper body strength than ever before. My stomach and legs are toned and look better than they did when I was running! I have more stamina and a much higher metabolism. I think DeepTone is worth every penny and I highly recommend to any person searching for a more effective, more fulfilling form of exercise.

Shannon H. Age 33

In 7 weeks, I lost 8 pounds! My husband was trying to convince me to stop class because we get a free membership at the rec center and could do weight training there. I have done a lot of weight training in the past and NOTHING has worked as well as DeepTone. I am much firmer and stronger after 7 weeks than I have ever been!

Donna R. Age 48

I've lost a total of 22 pounds and 6 inches off my waist. I feel much stronger physically and have found that my energy level has increased significantly. I had been monitoring ads in my newspaper for over ten years then finally decided it was time to investigate DeepTone. I am thrilled with the quick results and intend to continue with the nutrition program and exercise indefinitely. This is a great program and my body loves the nutrition plan!

Melinda W. Age 40

I started with DeepTone 5 years ago and had to leave due to an unrelated injury. Over the years, I missed feeling tone and that I was making good food choices. I was elated to come back and get my DeepTone body back- and this time, I’ve got my husband doing deep tone as well! I love seeing the “jiggle stuff” melt away and see tone muscles again. I always said I’ve never felt or looked better than when I was doing DeepTone, and I am glad to be back!

Dawn E. Age 47

I am totally excited about DeepTone and my results! I lost 9 pounds and inches, feel stronger, and have more energy. The instructors were wonderful and very supportive and encouraging.

Elizabeth N. Age 17

DeepTone is really amazing. What has happened is I've lost 12 pounds in the first six weeks! I have done everything from exercising compulsively to starving myself to try and lose this weight. Nothing has worked. After I started this class though, everything changed! I started eating better with the first nutrition program. I lost 10 pounds in two weeks. Also, I have been non-lethargic since I started this program. Plus, I have noticed parts starting to tone up and my cellulite has been greatly reduced. I am not going to lie and say that it’s not hard, because it is. However, it honestly is totally worth it. Thanks to DeepTone, my health and happiness is back!

Joan C. Age 56

I found the class very rewarding. This was the kick in the butt I needed. I am trying to unlearn bad eating habits and it is paying off. I lost 13 pounds and several inches. Some of my clothes don’t fit because they are too big!! The rest are much more comfortable. People at work have even noticed. The instructors are great and very supportive. I have really enjoyed the class, even though it hurts. I think I am even sleeping better.

Cara F. Age 34

I started DeepTone not so much to lose weight, as to gain strength and tone. Everything had started to sag and I wanted to look and feel more my age. After two weeks, I had lost 7 pounds, my cellulite was greatly reduced, and my body was firmer all over. At three weeks, my legs stopped touching and rubbing together when I walked!!! I'm now wearing clothes I haven’t worn in 2-3 years, and they look fabulous on my new body! I lost a total of 10 pounds and gained a brand new me!

Lynette F. Age 34

I didn’t even do the nutrition program the first two weeks and I still lost weight! I lost 10 pounds total for the six weeks. I can really tell that I’ve lost inches, especially around my waist. My clothes are fitting looser. I don’t feel hungry and have plenty to eat on the nutrition plan.

Angela D. Age 26

I love, loved, the DeepTone program! Since I started 5 weeks ago, I have lost 15 ½ pounds and have returned to wearing some of my clothes from college. The nutrition plan is excellent for my lifestyle, and I don’t feel as though I'm denying myself. It’s also perfect for me because I'm not interested in counting calories or measuring my food, which this program does not do. I view this program as a lifestyle, not just a workout. I'm thrilled with my results so far and am excited to see where I’ll be in another 5 weeks!

Susan R. Age 50

Success! I feel comfortable with form. I am much stronger and I have lost 10 pounds- all my goals met. I am down a size overall in clothing and my waist is back. I LIKE the classes and the feeling of power I have afterwards. I am prepaid for a year and I can’t wait to start!

Stacy B. Age 37

I have really enjoyed class. I find my clothes are getting too big. I set a goal of 10 pounds and did reach it over the six weeks. The instructors are motivating and did great in making sure the exercises were being done correctly. I also liked the choices of schedules. When I sign up again, I should have no problem finding a time that will work for me. Thank you!

Lisa H. Age 48

I lost 12 pounds and toned up. I feel great and have more energy!

Sherri W. Age 33

I love the instructors. They are wonderful. I gained a lot of strength and even lost weight; weight loss was not a goal. I have done Martial Arts for 7 years and have gained more strength in 7 weeks doing this program. It has really helped me grow in my abilities with Martial Arts, as well as making my body look better. Thanks!

Marty M. Age 50

I have enjoyed the experience of being a part of a great program. I have lost 11 pounds since I started and I feel much better. I have gained strength in my arms and legs. My jeans fit better and I feel better about myself because of this.

Sandi U. Age 25

This class has helped me on the road to weight loss. I am so grateful of the help that this program has given me. I have lost 28 pounds in the 6 week program and hope to continue losing.

Jan D. Age 49

This is the only workout I’ve ever done that has noticeable results. I love the way my body has started to change and my clothes are fitting better. That’s why I love this workout! Stronger and leaner, and only one hour once a week. I have lost 5 pounds.

Maura R. Age 44

I love this class! Even though it’s tough to get through at times, I feel great! As of tonight, I have lost 9 pounds. I can really feel the difference in my clothes. All my suit pants are hanging off me. Overall a terrific experience, I feel better than I have in years!

Diana J. Age 45

I have lost 11 pounds. My clothes fit looser. When I carry my groceries, they are easier to carry. I LOVE how I feel!

Joanne T. Age 33

This has been an amazing experience. They teach you how to eat correctly. I have lost 13 ½ pounds and at least 1 dress size. I can tell in my clothing and compliments that I receive. Learning this program I feel great and know my hard work will pay off. I will continue to work hard to get the results that I would like. Thank you.

Lydia H. Age 48

This is the best class ever! Have been doing off and on since 1994. I have told many people and they have been so impressed with my results.

Mookie C. Age 46

This is a great, motivating, hard-working hour. It is never easy, but always rewarding. I am looking forward to the commitment and future results. The instructors are great!

Anna M. Age 17

Even after I didn’t follow the nutrition plan, I still lost 7 pounds. The class gave me a lot of energy and made me feel good about myself. As I continue with the classes, I will keep with some plan of nutrition just because if I can lose 7 pounds without doing anything, I can imagine if I do the plan on top of it.

Coralia B. Age 49

DeepTone has made a great difference in the way clothes fit. I have lost 16 inches total. My energy has increased and I have also noticed improvement in decrease of cellulite. I believe the program works and will continue with maintenance.

Brenman A. Age 46

I lost 9 pounds without doing the nutrition plan. I kept all my bad eating habits, like going with the children (ages 4 and 5) to McDonalds and avoiding above all the salads. I was surprised of the results!

Mindyjo G. Age 41

I am a returning DeepTone student because I know the system works! Strength gain, and looseness in my pants, is already evident after just 6 weeks.

Jessica P. Age 32

I have heard amazing things about DeepTone, and all of them seem to be true. In 6 weeks, I’ve lost 10 pounds and my clothes no longer fit after being snug! After losing my “baby weight”, I am now motivated to maintain and tone. This is a wonderful program for mothers who don’t have the “time” to work out. Results are seen only working out once a week, which is great! I would highly recommend this program to others!

Rosemary P. Age 49

I have more confidence now that I will continue on with DeepTone. My clothes fit different and I feel absolutely awesome!

Jennifer P. Age 35

Noticeable results very quickly, like within 2-3 weeks! I am very pleased with the program. I have noticed a difference in my overall strength, have lost weight, and have seen a difference in how my body looks. I can’t wait to continue and see more results. Fabulous program!!

Rachel T. Age 63

It’s been a great experience and I have success in inches and some weight lost. I would highly recommend this program and already have to several friends.

Laura C. Age 29

I really enjoyed the class. More than losing weight, I lost inches and gained energy. The exercises were challenging and the nutrition program was just what I needed. I’m very happy I signed up and plan to continue with the program.

Jamie G. Age 47

I was skeptical with the technique at first, but I am really starting to notice the difference in how my clothes fit as well as my body being more tone. I have noticed a great decrease in cellulite on my upper thighs-yeah!

Gai S. Age 60

A rewarding program, after six one-hour sessions, I have dropped 6 pounds, definite noticeable loss of my spare tire, arms look firmer, and I have felt stronger when lifting or moving heavy objects. It is a tremendous improvement in a very short span of time! The exercises are challenging, but not painful or injurious. NO two weeks are identical; the class pace is just fast enough to keep it interesting. My clothes are starting to feel comfy again, after months/years of being too tight. Another benefit I've noticed is I am sleeping more soundly and my skin seems clearer. I really like having more energy. Thank you DeepTone!!

Kelly K. Age 41

I was skeptical when I started the program that it would produce results; however, I was pleasantly surprised by the time week 4 rolled around. I felt my clothes fit a little looser and I could walk stairs a little quicker. I’ve been doing the nutrition program #4, and where I’ve struggled eating the volume of vegetables, I feel it has worked well for me. With the DeepTone program, I have now lost a total of 16 ½ pounds! I feel great and more confident than I did before! Thank you!

Pamela Y. Age 52

This has been a very positive experience. I would never have believed that I could achieve 7 inches lost, as well as weight loss, in this time period. I feel better, leaner and stronger than I have in years. I looked at and ignored your ad for years and now I am a believer! Thanks DeepTone staff!

Darlene M. Age 39

I knew I needed to find a way to incorporate exercise into my busy schedule. As a family law attorney, I am always running around, stressed out, and using food as a coping mechanism. I live near one of the centers and I asked around about the program. You see, I have tried Nutrisystem, Jennie Craig, Atkins, etc…all have given me positive results but only temporarily. I just knew I wanted to strengthen my body (it helps stave off osteoporosis). Well, my blood pressure is down to 119/78! I have not had a normal reading since I was pregnant 5 years ago! At my last weigh-in, I hit the weight I was 5 years ago! My legs look great and I FEEL great after a workout. I signed up for a year!!!

Sandra G. Age 46

I am down 7 pounds, but my clothes fit as thought I have lost more. I notice quite a bit of muscle tone, especially in the legs. My energy level has increased. DeepTone is improving my self-image.

Marsha M. Age 50

I have been very happy with the results of the 6-week DeepTone program! I have lost 11 pounds, and have not measured inches lost, but have dropped at least one size in clothing. I feel so much stronger and can see some increased muscle definition. I am looking forward to continuing the program.

Patricia B. Age 56

DeepTone has worked for me so far where others have not. I’ve lost 10 pounds and a dress size. Yahoo! Nutrition program has been much easier than I thought it would be.

Cassie B. Age 34

I’ve lost 15 pounds in 6 weeks, which seems pretty amazing since I've always done some sort of work out. I'm down 1 dress size, a six to a four, Yahoo!

Susanne S. Age 65

After only 6 weeks, I can’t believe the new me! I stuck with the nutrition program #1 pretty close and lost 18 pounds. That gives me confidence that I can maintain a healthy weight. More importantly, although I can tell my body us shrinking, is the gain I've made in strength, stamina, and outlook. I can leave work with energy to spare. I can lift, climb stairs and stand easier, better and for longer. The exercises are very demanding, but after I see results, it’s all worth it. Plus I love having to do heavy exercise for only one hour a week.

Jamie A. Age 45

I feel stronger, my pants are fitting better, and my arms are much stronger. Each week is better. I will continue; I loved it!

Peter C. Age 37

Bottom line, it worked. The dual approach of DeepTone, routine plus the nutrition plan, works. I feel energized, enjoying myself, and living out of the box. I did not starve; I ate and followed the plan. I recommend it; go for it and let it work on you!

Adree B. Age 60

I'm almost 60 and have been dieting all my life. Even following shoulder surgery and moderation in this program, I am losing inches and pounds! FINALLY, after 40 years, something that really works!!

Jan Prescott Age 48

DeepTone has helped me get toned up and feel much better. I will continue to work the program, both with exercising and the nutrition plan. I have signed up for a year.

Julia R. Age 36

In 6 weeks, I've lost 10 pounds, but more importantly, 2 whole pant sizes! This class is physically the hardest thing I've ever done but well worth it!

Brenda F. Age 40

After watching the newspaper ad for more than 2 years of weight gain and frustration, I finally asked my friend about DeepTone. We talked and I walked away impressed but skeptical. I tried a few other programs and here I am. This program is all that is advertised and I look forward to the year ahead, as I am committed to DeepTone for EVER! I have fluctuated in my pounds lost since starting, but the inches I are FALLING OFF! And my strength has improved tremendously.

Debbie V. Age 53

I am so pleased with the results after six weeks! I have lost 10 pounds, and I can definitely notice an improvement of muscle tone, especially in my arms. I have not been successful in losing weight for the past several years. So I am very encouraged!! I also feel stronger and more agile going up and down stairs. Thank you!!

Julie F. Age 37

I gained more muscle tone and strength in these six weeks than anything else I have tried the past!

Christie P. Age 51

I'm pleased with the results to date. I've noticed the roll of fat above my waist is reduced, after the 5th class I felt great and energized. I plan on continuing the maintenance class as much as possible. I'm going to Europe in September and this has and will continue to be a great way to get in shape for that!

Cathy S. Age 37

I've been doing DeepTone for 6 weeks, and I've noticed a difference in the way I feel and the way I look. I feel stronger for the first time ever. You can see the muscles in my arms. Even my 14 year old son noticed! I've noticed less cellulite in my legs and abs too!!

Joyce F. Age 49

Since starting DeepTone 6 weeks ago, I have lost weight and my blood sugar and pressure has decreased. My clothes are getting looser and I am feeling my muscles get toned, as well as having more strength. The results have been amazing!

Cyndi H. Age 39

This program is amazing. I lost 12 pounds in 6 weeks, but it looks and feels like I lost more. My whole body is tighter, especially my abs, and all my clothes fit so loose now that I may have to pull out the skinnier clothes. I also love the idea of a workout once a week with the busy schedule I have. Thank you for all the support at each class and help with my nutrition. Being insulin resistant, weight loss has been nearly impossible. I'm excited about the advanced class.

Julia D. Age 41

What a great program! Looking forward to continuing once-a-week for at least the next year! I feel so much stronger than when I started.

Susan T. Age 47

I entered the program to get firm and toned. I lost 25 pounds prior to entering. This is the most challenging workout I have ever experienced, but my body never got the workout that your course gives. I hope to continue and rid myself of excess flab. I want to strive to be tone and firm and healthy. This course helped me get through 2 terrible life experiences that happened during enrollment; my father passed away and my 14 year old son was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Because of DeepTone, and the hard work one routes into the class, I was able to control my eating habits and not binge due to the stresses in my life. Thank you DeepTone!

Danielle P. Age 33

I enjoyed the class. After having three kids in the past three years, I needed something to keep me tone and shed some pounds. I lost almost 8 pounds and many inches. I feel great! This is something I can fit into my very hectic schedule.

Melanie W. Age 44

I have lost 10 pounds (according to my home scale). I have gone down a pant size, from a 6 to a 4. I feel much, much stronger. My face is thinner and I feel good. I have been recommending this to all of my friends and clients!

Kelli T. Age 30

I feel much more confident and strong! My clothes are fitting looser and I have even gone down one size. I am happy to focus on what my body can do instead of what my body cannot. I also enjoy how toned my body is, nothing wiggles too much anymore!! Thank you for helping me to be more healthy!

Cyndie M. Age 42

DeepTone is by far the easiest workout that I have ever done! I am much more tone and my clothes fit much better. Overall I feel much better- both mentally and physically. The instructors are great and allow you to work at your own pace.

Carol W. Age 59

I lost seven pounds, and feel stronger. I will continue this program. The instructors are very helpful and great. Thanks!

Glenn M. Age 49

DeepTone results have met all my expectations. Classes have been motivating and instructors care enough to make a difference in my success. Toning has begun with inches lost, and weight loss has been a steady 1 ½-2 pounds a week. My goals are in sight, thanks DeepTone!

Amy G. Age 27

I was really apprehensive about doing this, but I am so glad that I did! I have gained muscle and lost inches! I have lost 11 pounds total and love the difference I see!

Raelee K. Age 43

I like the one hour, one time a week, but mostly I love the seemingly immediate results!

Kristin L. Age 37

I have really followed the program #4 that I absolutely love! I have felt absolutely fantastic and I am more motivated to continue to get the health and body I have always wanted. I have dropped a size and lost a total of 13 pounds in 6 weeks. I have never felt better than during the 6 weeks in the DeepTone program!

Vickie G. Age 47

I am in much better shape and am looking forward to the next step. I have gone from a size 8 to a 6. My stomach is flatter, my butt tighter, and I am much stronger.

Virginia B. Age 45

I was so surprised and impressed that 6 workout sessions, that’s all-just six times working out, could affect so much change!! I lost 8 pounds and 1 dress size. Also, it’s so great to be able to work out ONLY one hour, one time a week, and see results! This is the best way to get in shape. Even doing the modified versions, I was able to get a really deep workout.

Laura B. Age 44

I have been doing DeepTone for 6 weeks now. I have noticed that my clothes are fitting better and I have more strength. I do plan on continuing classes.

Linda B. Age 56

I lost a total of 22 pounds! My physical therapist sees definite increase in strength. My left arm is fitting better into the sleeve of my shirts. I still have to pace myself, but it is getting easier to move around. I had no idea how much better I would be feeling being over 20 pounds lighter. I am finally beginning to have some REM sleep. I can see a tiny space appearing between my thighs, even just doing the modified program due to physical injuries.

Julie Becher Age 42

I think DeepTone is a well balanced program, and it is effective! I will recommend it to other people, and so far I have had a good experience. I intend to continue with the advanced class.

Brent O. Age 45

I lost 9 pounds in 6 weeks, even though I had 3 business trips during that time. I've doubled the weights I started with and feel much more toned and in shape.

Nancy K. Age 55

I feel so much stronger! My muscles are more defined and I just look better. The instructors are great; very professional and encouraging.

Julie M. Age 50

I can definitely see and feel the difference so much so that I have come back to do it again after 2 years! I need and want to stay in shape. Thank you for providing such a great class for us in Denver! Our two instructors were wonderful and so encouraging!

Jody H. Age 41

I have enjoyed the classes, although it was tough. I am proud of myself for completing the six weeks. I have never been very physical and after six weeks of DeepTone, I feel stronger and have more energy. I feel the need to take naps less often. My husband and friends have noticed a difference in my legs, and overall notice a healthier appearance.

Sharon W. Age 37

I wanted to tone up, and I did. My clothes fit better, I'm stronger, and I have knowledge of good nutrition. My body has muscles I didn’t know about. I'm glad I did this and I will continue with this class!

Lynn L. Age 61

I am very excited about DeepTone. I look forward to the classes each week and the instructors have done a great job of introducing me to this workout. While it isn’t easy and sometimes I don’t want to hear one more countdown. I love this workout!!

Aspen T. Age 31

I have enjoyed returning to DeepTone. I originally started DeepTone 10 years ago. Since then, I have had three kids, and didn’t have time to work out. When I originally was in DeepTone, I was in the best shape of my life. Since starting back up, I have already noticed a huge increase in my strength. I am looking forward to continuing the maintenance program. Our instructors for the beginner’s classes were both wonderful!

Jay R. Age 54

I lost weight, feel stronger and am much more aware of what I eat and when. I will continue in this class!

James R. Age 54

It is a great program, and I will continue for life!

Karen V. Age 49

Wow! I am so excited that I joined DeepTone! My inner thighs have really toned up and this is the first time I've seen muscles in my arms. I can’t wait to see my progress after another couple of months.

Rae C. Age 40

I definitely am stronger than I was 6 weeks ago. I helped my husband clean the garage yesterday, and was able to lift and carry more than ever! I even surprised my husband! While I haven’t lost much in weight, my shape has changed. I'm down one pant size and they fit so much better through the thighs than the last time I wore them. I LOVE the convenience of one hour, once a week!!

Maryann P. Age 46

Excellent, hard, great teachers! I reduced my size from an 8 to a 6, and feel 100% better! I love DeepTone and will continue.

Kathy W. Age 48

After completing the 6 week program, I reached my weight loss goal. I feel great! I have more energy, my stomach is flatter, and I lost inches on my hips and thighs.

Pam D. Age 46

Since starting DeepTone, I have increased energy and stamina every day. I have noticed an increase in strength. My arms have noticeably more definition and tone. I see that in my legs too. My backside is firmer and my posture is much improved. I just feel better. I'm excited to see where I can get to, physically, as I continue the program.

Michele R. Age 44

This is a great class. I love working out only once a day each week. I really feel stronger and look toner.

Mollie D. Age 47

I have lost weight (10 pounds) in just 4 weeks doing DeepTone and following the nutrition plan. (Except for two weddings I went to where I ate all the dinner and cake!) My arms, legs, butt and abs are tighter; my shorts are even loose around the waist. Thank you very much for your support!

Mary B. Age 46

I did DeepTone many years ago, and got away from it. Infertility drugs and years of not enough exercise took their toll on my body- so I am back to reshape. I am pleased with these first 6 weeks, but realize that it is a long road back to where I want to be. DeepTone is the only program to get me there. I've lost almost 10 pounds and have about 30 more to go. It didn’t get put on overnight so it will take some time to come off! Clothes ARE fitting better, and I feel stronger. My form is good, which I'm proud of. Great instructor!

Kay A. Age 64

When I came to DeepTone, I was very sedentary and did not exercise at all. Now I am able to exercise and really am enjoying it! I've noticed not only a change in my attitude, but also my ability to do it.

Kelly O. Age 36

I needed a way to work my larger muscle groups again, and an excuse NOT to go to the gym. Nothing was working at the gym anymore and with the holidays here, this seemed like a great time to try DeepTone. I have loved the workouts. I was not religious with the nutrition program, but I still lost 10 pounds! I wanted this program and a healthy eating program to be the beginning of my new life. DeepTone has been a wonderful thing and I'm truly appreciative for this program.

Gina S. Age 43

This program has been great! My legs have changes. I have lost inches in my hips, legs and my buns. I am looking forward to many other classes. I lost 9 inches in my hips, 1 ½ in my legs, and 1 ½ in my upper hip!

Jill W. Age 37

The six weeks went quick as the instructors said it would. I have noticed a definite change in the way my clothes fit. I have more energy and felt so guilty when I had to miss class. I also feel stronger and have seen some muscle definition. I think I've lost in inches as well. I am determined to continue; this has been such a positive, motivating, and encouraging experience!

Cheryl C. Age 50

I am much stronger with my ligaments and muscles. I am also becoming more flexible. I see a difference in my posture, and my self confidence that I can do this is getting stronger by the week. Thanks!

Janice P. Age 58

I have lost several inches from my thighs. I have really noticed it with my clothes.

Anna A. Age 28

Since starting DeepTone, I have noticed increased strength in my arms and legs. I work a very physical job, and this workout has made it easier to lift and carry heavy loads. My arms are looking more toned, and I noticed my jeans are fitting better in the rear. I am excited to continue the maintenance class and see future changes.

LouAnn M. Age 52

DeepTone is improving the quality of my life. I feel better and I look better. I am working towards my goal: to firm, strengthen, tone, and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. This class is giving me a guide to follow a lifestyle I can live with. I believe DeepTone can make positive changes in peoples’ lives.

Stephanie E. Age 32

I have lost weight and inches. My size 8 pants were extremely tight when I started; now I need a belt and they are still too big! I feel stronger and have more energy. I really enjoy DeepTone and in general do not like to exercise. I feel like I have found something I can do weekly to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Overall weight loss of 6 pounds in 6 weeks!

Tammy G. Age 47

DeepTone has been a positive and encouraging experience, both physically and mentally. It tones, tightens, and makes the most of your body type. It is also great for stress relief. I look forward to my week night out. It also encourages me to make positive lifestyle changes and the accountability helps me to follow through.

Marry M. Age 50

I'm pleased with improved strength and tone. Also I am pleased with “intelligent eating” program. Didn’t think I would find myself looking forward to Wednesday night!

Ruth S. Age 64

I wanted to lose at least 10 pounds, which I actually lost 14 pounds! Very thrilled! I have also noticed I am much stronger than before. I am becoming more aware of portion control and the effects of too much salt, which is my weakness! Overall, I feel much better, and am excited to begin losing weight and getting stronger.

Laura C. Age 46

I love this! It’s the hardest workout I've ever done but I enjoy the class and the fact that it’s once a week. The instructor was fabulous! The eating plan worked well for me and I learned a lot. Feel great, I know I've gained strength and have more energy.

Devorah U. Age 50

Great Results! Hard work pays off! I lost 5 pounds weight and 4 inches in 6 weeks! I can feel the difference in so many ways! I'm a comfortable size smaller, so much stronger, and more energy are just a few examples. Joints I thought ached from arthritis ache no more! My walk and balance are stronger and more centered. Thanks!

Janet S. Age 53

Ever since I started on DeepTone, I have had more energy, I don’t gasp at the top of the stairs for air, I have been cleaning closets and rooms out, and I have more stamina. I need to continue eating the same as am because I feel so much better.

Jill M. Age 33

I enjoyed the class!! I will keep coming. The instructors made the experience WONDERFUL!

Becki V. Age 53

I love this class! I've lost 7 pounds, which for me is great. I have more strength and I'm down a pant size, which I love in just six weeks! I'm going to continue with this class.

Jennifer A. Age 34

DeepTone was awesome! I just had a baby 5 months ago and was ready to just dive in and lose weight. I have seen the DeepTone program work for my mom, so I knew if I gave it a try I would see some type of results! I did! The nutrition program was easy, and the food was good and it filled me up. I am excited to continue the program and continue to see the scale drop, as well as my pant size. Thanks for offering a great program!!

Jean B. Age 50

I have never worked out or attended classes in my life. This was a first! My goal was to attend (which I did). I found myself really enjoying the class in week 3. By week 6, I did not want to miss a class. I look forward to my ongoing one hour of DeepTone!

Courtney E. Age 30

After having surgery and not being allowed to work out for 6 months, I lost a lot of muscle tone and energy. DeepTone has helped me build my muscles back up and has even worked ones I didn’t know I had! Being a “modified” student, it can be frustrating to not be able to do the exercises as they should be, but the support, guidance, and cheerleading from the instructor made all the difference! She made it fun to look forward to class! I truly appreciate her!

Gloria B. Age 55

I feel so much better. I've noticed a lot of positive changes in my body and I feel so much better. My clothes are looser and I'm not so winded. I know I made the smart decision to be a part of this program. I hope to continue on with it.

Jackie K. Age 42

In my six weeks of doing DeepTone, I have lost 10 pounds. I have more energy, feel stronger, and I have lost 3 inches on my waist. I feel good and plan on continuing with DeepTone in the future.

David K. Age 44

Since starting DeepTone, I have felt more energetic. My clothing has been more comfortable to wear. I have gained more upper body strength, something I lost over the years. I have been able to adjust my belt in by 2 notches. After my upcoming vacation, I plan to continue with the DeepTone sessions.

Jane S. Age 47

I have lost 9 pounds and a pant size! My muscle tone is noticeably improved.

Matt H. Age 50

I lost more weight and inches than I thought I would. I have had many people ask if I have lost a lot of weight. I have told many people about the program and anticipate that some of my friends will be interested as I continue. Instructors were awesome!

Debbie D. Age 38

I have really enjoyed this class. My class was great! I have noticed my clothes are looser. I have more energy. The instructors were awesome!

Natale P. Age 58

I have done better here in 6 weeks than I have in months at the gym. My blood pressure is way down, my weight is down, and I have lost inches in the waist. I can see much more muscle definition, am getting into skinny pants, and have much more energy. There are great instructors; I never felt stupid!

Traci C. Age 43

I'm so glad this program is only once a week! It is so hard, yet I'm so proud that I've stuck with it. The benefits I've noticed are that along with my hips and thighs, I have slimmed down. My upper arms seem to be more toned, and parts that used to be too tight now fit much better. I'm looking forward to even more toning and slimming.

Kama K. Age 34

I lost 12 pounds and am feeling great! My clothes fit better and overall I just feel better about myself. I would like to lose at least another 3 pounds.

Lilian B. Age 48

I am very pleased with this program. In the 5 weeks, I have lost 9 pounds and I feel so much better!

Gale W. Age 50

Really happy with my progress! More strength, clothes fit looser, and my stomach is flatter. Love the workout!

Vanessa H. Age 28

I lost 8 pounds and feel so much better! I have much more energy throughout the day and my clothes fit me so much better. My body is toned and I am definitely seeing definition in my muscles, just after six weeks! I learned so much about nutrition and eat so much better now! I read every label!

Kathy N. Age 56

Never thought I could feel so much better in such a short time, especially only working out one day per week. I have more energy, more strength, and less pain from my arthritis in my knee. Instructors are helpful and clear in explaining the workout.

Lisa M. Age 42

Instructors were great! I am going to continue for the next year. I am seeing a difference in arm strength and I look forward to see more results as I continue.

Paula S. Age 52

Great results! I have lost 10 pounds and toned up. My clothes fit better. I noticed a huge difference in my thighs after 2 sessions. Then change in diet is very beneficial. I feel more energetic; It works!

Maria O. Age 36

I do see the difference in my clothes and my overall strength. My clothes are looser. I am going on vacation next week and I am very comfortable with the way I look. I would recommend DeepTone to any friend that is asking me about it.

Terri A. Age 53

This class was fun, but challenging. I have noticed my clothes are loose, I will need to go to the next size down. I have lost 3 total inches. The instructors were very motivating, I enjoyed them. They are tough in a good way. I like the supervision they give to ensure the students do not hurt themselves. I would recommend this program for anyone who would like to only workout once a week.

Wanette P. Age 59

I loved it! I feel good, my clothes fit better, and I will continue with the program. Teachers were great! I will definitely recommend this program to friends and family.

Jessica P. Age 22

I lost one pant size and 2 inches! I am very happy with my results and the instructors!

Peggy R. Age 54

What a concept! Love the idea of 1 hour per week! Have already noticed how much stronger I feel! Not as much “jello.” Instructors were very good, so encouraging and supportive! Really have enjoyed this experience, thanks!!

Beverly A. Age 65

I have noticed many things including my jeans are looser, my under arms don’t jiggle, my legs feel stronger, my whole body feels stronger, and I stand and sit straighter. I would recommend this to others!

Kathy H. Age 43

I have found that my thighs are looking better, possibly less cellulite. My definition in my thighs was always different due to a knee surgery 25 years ago, now they are the same! I feel stronger and my core is getting stronger too. I like the one hour, once a week. It fits great into my schedule. Some people have said my face even looks thinner.

Kelly S. Age 27

This is the hardest workout I have ever done. The instructors are very knowledgeable and motivational. I now I would not have lost as much weight or inches in 7 weeks if I had done something else! Thank you!

Shamanie S. Age 44

When I started DeepTone, I had been dieting and exercising and had come to a point where nothing was happening. I hit a plateau and stayed there for one month. I was very frustrated. DeepTone kick started my weight loss and in 6 weeks, I lost 12 pounds and dropped one pant size, which still looked a bit big even. I am very excited and look forward to coming every week!

Dave M. Age 54

I lost 9 ½ pounds, my clothes fit better, and I feel stronger. The classes were very well run. I would recommend DeepTone to any wanting to improve their health and energy!

Sherrie W. Age 52

Not sure I understand how or why this works, but it does! Even though I did not follow the nutrition plan, I have lost some weight and toned. People are noticing and asking me if I have lost weight. I have signed up to continue!

Marke O. Age 50

I haven’t lost a lot of weight but I have lost about 7 inches overall. That is great! I feel better and have recently been able to climb many flights of stairs without getting winded. This is wonderful and I plan on continuing. The instructors are wonderful! They are very supportive, but very willing to push us. Exactly what I needed! Thank you.

Alexa R. Age 40

I did DeepTone almost a decade ago and loved it! Kids came along and I stopped. Now with 2 children and a full-time plus job, I didn’t have the time to work out so I came back! I love how quickly you tone and start to feel stronger. I've noticed my clothes are already looser.

Jane S. Age 61

I have noticed increased flexibility and have lost 9 pounds. Instructors have been helpful and encouraging.

DiAnn N. Age 60

I enjoyed the classes even though they were tough. The instructors were informative and fun. I enjoyed small class sizes.

Katherine M. Age 27

I just completed the six week beginner course. I did not need to lose weight, but I have found that my clothes are fitting much better. Last week, I shopped for jeans and found a pair that fit in less than 15 minutes! Before DeepTone, shopping for jeans was an all day, multi-store adventure! In addition, I am noticeably stronger, and feel more toned in just 6 weeks.

Terri R. Age 52

I have achieved weight loss even though I missed two sessions due to vacation and illness, a total of 9 pounds-yay! I fully expect to meet my goal weight within the next month or so. I've noticed my rear is both firmer and higher. My arms and back also appear firmer.

Tanya E. Age 41

WOW! I have really enjoyed DeepTone program! I have seen great results and my stress level has reduced!

Becky C. Age 66

I really have enjoyed working out. I feel stronger and have more energy. The instructors have been really helpful.

Nancy D. Age 58

I feel stronger and my clothes are fitting much better. It is really incredibly challenging, but the results are so worth it! And only one hour a week, unbelievable!

Nan V. Age 50

Excellent workout! I have toned and tightened, and I have taken off 7 pounds. I feel better and stronger!

Kate W. Age 25

I love the program! I've lost a dress size going from a 10 to an 8, and 5 pounds! I'm noticeably stronger and feel better about myself. I have not changed my eating or drinking habits and would have even better results if I had done so!

Susan S. Age 50

After doing DeepTone for 5 weeks, I feel great! I've lost weight and my energy level has increased. I'm excited to continue and see even more results.

Alice D. Age 70

I'm pleased to have lost 6 pounds during this 6-week period. I'm feeling stronger, and another benefit is that I am not getting leg cramps as frequently as I used to. The program has been good to let me go at my own pace and modify the routines to accommodate my limitations.

Johna H. Age 45

I have lost 17 pounds during the program! I am very happy with my results.

Wendy L. Age 71

I have tightened up and gone from a size 12 to a 10! I lost 5 pounds and people have noticed.

Tammy W. Age 47

The program works! I've noticed overall toning and strength in just 5 workouts. I can wear clothes I couldn’t get into before and my cellulite is DEFINITELY going away! I'm looking forward to the level 2 classes, and continued weight loss and sculpting. Our instructors were great, very helpful and patient. Thanks so much!

Andrea L. Age 26

Since beginning the DeepTone program, I have noticed my clothes feeling looser and I can tell that I am getting stronger. I am 5’7” and I have gone from 136 lbs. to 132 lbs. My goal is not so much to lose weight as it is to build more muscle and feel better. Even after only 6 classes, I can already see that this program will help me reach my goals!

Cathy S. Age 51

I have enjoyed the class. The exercise really stretched me further than I thought I could go. I've lost 11 pounds and it wasn’t too difficult. I have toned up and gone from running about 15 miles a week, 3-4 times per week, to being able to complete this distance once a week. That’s a huge time saver! The classes were fun.

Steve A. Age 63

Well this has been quite an adventure to say the least. My wife and I wanted to begin some sort of regimen to strengthen and tone up our muscles. Considering our age, we needed to do this now. We didn’t want to have to depend on walkers or those stupid get-around contraptions you see on TV. So I kept saying we needed a program. Well my wife came up with DeepTone, and it has done everything we wanted!! We really didn’t care if we lost weight; we just wanted to be fit, toned and healthy. And we are getting there. We signed up for the year for maintenance and look forward to our morning workout.

Jane K. Age 57

DeepTone was the best thing I started. I hate to exercise and doing it once a week, with results, has been wonderful! My husband, who hates to go to gyms, loves it! The nutrition program works!! I've lost 10 pounds in 6 weeks without feeling hungry. There are great instructors! I would recommend this program to anyone.

Kristin E. Age 38

I most enjoyed the liberation from feeling guilty for not being at the gym 5 days a week. I got to play more with my children, again without feeling like I should be using that time to exercise. I feel stronger and sleeker all at the same time. One hour a week with results, Amazing!!

LaVaughn H. Age 76

I came into this class with goals to lose weight and tone up muscles. I lost 11 pounds in 6 weeks! I have lost some inches, but most of all I feel lighter and better. Thanks to DeepTone, I did in 6 weeks, once a week, what I couldn’t do in 3 years of going to the Health club and not losing inches or pounds!

Kristin M. Age 42

I have more energy; I have not felt like I needed a nap for several weeks. I have smaller saddle bags. My husband actually told me my hips look smaller! I feel like my metabolism has sped up too.

Debbie M. Age 57

I've lost inches and pounds, am down almost 2 sizes from a 10-12 to an 8-10. I like that! I feel better about myself; stronger and more motivated. I have not stuck to the nutrition plan strictly and still have lost weight. I am eating much healthier and am satisfied with much less. This is a great program and I see no problems continuing for many years. Thanks!

Daria S. Age 42

I was doing “super slow zone” weight lifting for 1 ½ years prior to starting DeepTone. I'm enjoying DeepTone much more. I love the class atmosphere of one on one. DeepTone is definitely strengthening me and I am seeing my progress on my chart. I have enjoyed it very much.

Cara Y. Age 51

DeepTone has helped me to lost stubborn pound, firm, and build muscles. Just in six weeks, I've noticed a huge difference in how my clothes fit and can now fit in my “skinny jeans”, and they are even loose!! That is really exciting! I feel like this is just a great start to a terrific body!

Lori L. Age 44

I really liked the fact that this program not only helps with nutrition and weight loss, but also helps with exercise. I have done many weight loss programs where I have lost weight, but didn’t keep it off. This program is “do-able.” I feel comfortable with the nutrition program; I am doing the #1 program. I don’t really feel like I'm on a diet. The classes are tough, but fun to come to and chat with everyone about how it’s going. I lost a total of 10 pounds in 6 weeks. But even better, I can see more muscle definition and fit into clothes that were too small when I started. I'm very happy with the program and am looking forward to continuing. My plan is to look back 10 years from now and still be going to classes, feeling, and looking great!

Patricia S. Age 48

I felt like a lump. 48 years old on the cusp of 50 next year. NO! I refused to do it in this condition. It took me about a year to come to DeepTone. I wanted to look THAT good. So I committed to doing the program. It still took me a week to make the final decision, but I did. I've lost 9 pounds in 6 weeks. The scale hadn’t moved in 6 years, unless to go up! My clothes are fitting way better, my stomach has gone down, and I feel great! The exercise is killer, but I feel great!! I have a goal and DeepTone is going to get me there!

Laura N. Age 57

I took DeepTone about 5 years ago and loved it then. I am in this class to help my stepdaughter achieve her goals, and regain some strength myself. I have not only regained my strength, but my balance is better. I did not have any weight to loser but did put on 2 pounds of muscle. It is by far the best workout regimen I have ever been a part of.

Bill A. Age 49

I dropped 12 pounds in the six week initial phase. I did notice looser clothes, and weight loss in my face; but even more I noticed strength in my legs, more muscle definition and strength in my arms, and a tightening in my abdominal muscles. I would definitely continue with DeepTone and recommend to friends and family!

Suzanne B. Age 48

I really enjoy DeepTone. It’s very, very hard, but the results are well worth it. I'm learning to push myself mentally, too, to work though the tough exercises. I love the “once a week” workout, it fits my schedule and the program works! I've lost pounds, inches, toned up, and am much stronger. My clothes are looser around my waist, fit much better, and my belly is flatter. I feel GREAT! My husband is thrilled too!

Anne S. Age 53

I joined DeepTone to kick-start my regular program of weight management. It has helped me tone areas that were difficult previously to control. I am stronger overall and have lost inches.

Chelsey C. Age 23

Since beginning DeepTone, I have definitely noticed a significant change in my body. It gave me the jump start I needed to begin losing weight again! I feel myself becoming stronger with each class, and I'm even beginning to see noticeable changes in my muscles. I love how my clothes are now fitting. Everything is so much looser and I think I will have to go shopping soon!!!

Jim K. Age 45

I am very happy with the results. My pants are fitting looser, and I can see the start of my transformation! Instructors are awesome. I am looking forward to level 2 classes!

Deb R. Age 48

My experience has been great. I have gained confidence and all my clothes have become looser. My endurance has been great. I have had some slight issues with the balance and coordination on some exercises, but the patience of the instructors has been great! I would recommend this program to anyone. It has been a great experience!

Barb P. Age 56

I can already see that DeepTone is making a difference. The instructors have really worked with my osteoarthritis and have given me a modified workout session. With these modifications, I'm able to participate in all the different exercises.

Barb D. Age 49

I notice tightening and toning. I feel stronger in just a short amount of time.

Fred H.

I had an overall weight loss from the nutrition program of 17 pounds, 10 pounds in the first six weeks. Food tastes better, and I enjoy eating this way. I feel stronger, sleep better, and have more energy. My clothes fit MUCH better.

Laurie M. Age 49

DeepTone has started off as a good experience. It is hard! I feel I started the class in pretty good shape, having worked out every day, but this class is totally different and kicks my butt! I'm beginning to see the results; I feel more toned and stronger. After getting past my own “mental blocks”, I'm really enjoying it!

Becky K. Age 57

I am very pleased to be involved with DeepTone after a many years absence. I do feel stronger and healthier, and I know it will continue.

Betsy R. Age 49

I started DeepTone to continue the road to better health. I have been recovering from being B12 deficient, and have suffered balance problems and weakness, particularly in my right leg. The instructors have been wonderful to work with. They have modified the steps of the program to give me a workout that accommodates my weaknesses. That said, I feel much stronger than when I started the class, and I have seen results. My clothes fit better and looser, and people have noticed! I feel great. It is inspiring to me to get such good results in such a short period of time. I'm excited for the year ahead!

Breann B. Age 21

I really enjoyed this class. As a person who worked out a lot, I thought this would be a breeze, but I found out quickly otherwise. I feel after this class I have accomplished more than I had with my usual workout routine. I loved this class! I plan to continue with DeepTone, and better my body and mind.

Sandra F. Age 53

The DeepTone program has given me the discipline to attend a weekly exercise class. It’s easy to meet the schedule; I didn’t know that with only once a week workout I would increase in strength, but I have. I would recommend this program even to beginning exercisers.

Lisa J. Age 35

I've been impressed with the contouring of my body in such a short time! I'm looking forward to seeing more results.

Carol G. Age 57

I have more energy and strength. My thighs are less lumpy and my pants fit again!

Laurie G. Age 40

I am so pleased with the DeepTone program! The nutrition program #1 really suits me perfectly. I feel energetic and satisfied. The workout weekly is very difficult to get through. The following day I am not sore, but I feel the “DeepTone.” Then I can feel my clothes are getting looser as the week progresses. Losing 9 pounds has been very motivating! I intend on sticking with the program and hope to lose more. I highly recommend the DeepTone program. The teachers are high energy and motivating. I love not having the pressure of the daily workout!! Workout once a week works great for me.

Rita A. Age 61

I have lost 9 pounds in 6 weeks. I've noticed my clothes are looser, I feel more energized, and I'm glad to be in DeepTone. I know it’s only an hour and sometimes I think I am not going to be able to finish that hour, while doing the exercise, but once it’s done, I can say, “Good Job.” We have great instructors and hope DeepTone is around forever. Once I make my goal, I still want to continue this. It sure beats going to the gym every day and laboring over something that I don’t have to do. I do notice I'm making better choices on foods, although not 100%. I feel better too and have a better attitude. Although I have not exercised in years, I feel this is “do-able” and hope I can keep it up.