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Why do women have cellulite?

What is cellulite? Under a microscope, cellulite
looks like average fat. The dimpled appearance
is caused by connective tissue just beneath
the skin. When the body gains weight, fat
fills the pockets around the connective tissue
which creates this look.

As skin loses its elasticity due to aging and
other factors, fat clumps become more visible.
One contributing factor of why women are
more prone to cellulite is the female hormone
estrogen. In addition to its other functions, this
hormone also causes the body to store
excess fat.

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With the unique DeepTone 1 Hour, One Day
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Lost 21 lbs.

I used to work at a health facility four times a week in addition to teaching aerobics two times a week for an hour. Plus, I used to run 45 minutes on the weekends. I practically spent 7 days a week exercising and I was not seeing any results. There was no firming of my body, no inch loss and no weight loss. I first heard about the DeepTone Once A Week® workout through a girlfriend of mine who had tried it.

I lost 21 pounds with the DeepTone exercise and nutrition program. I lost three inches off my waist. No other workout program has produced those results. Some of the additional perks have been, definition in my arms and legs. I am stronger, I have more endurance, I sleep better and I have more energy. People think when they first see me that I exercise hours and hours every week. They’re surprised to find out that I only spend one hour, per week doing the DeepTone Once A Week® Program.

- Suzanne

Suzanne’s Results