Johnny Johnson, MD

I’ve experienced a tremendous amount of strength and lost 12 pounds with this nutrition and workout program. DeepTone® achieves successful results without spending countless hours in health clubs and gyms.

Roxann Headley, MD

I’m amazed. I have tried diet plans and exercised aerobically four times a week and I never lost weight. With the DeepTone Once A Week® workout program I lost 14 pounds in eight weeks. I gained strength and energy. This program fits perfectly. It’s only a 1 hour class once a week...who can’t set aside that amount of time.

Sherry Laubach, MD

I feel so good about this program. I've had great results. I've lost ten pounds. My body feels so toned, firmed and in shape. I feel wonderful! DeepTone Once A Week® workout and nutrition program is extremely safe and develops healthy, lifelong habits.

Mary Pearsal, RN

I’ve lost twelve pounds and went from a size 9 to a size 5 jeans. I’ve studied exercise physiology extensively. Boy, was I surprised this worked! I love my new body and I intend to do DeepTone® for the rest of my life.

Nicole Hanson, Exercise Physiologist

After six weeks of the DeepTone® program, I was amazed and exhilarated by the results. I had never seen results like this before. My stomach flattened and I lost weight. I no longer had to do aerobics and weight training every day. I was looking better and working out less. As an exercise physiologist, I can say it works!

Jana Smith, Exercise Physiologist

I taught physical education at North Dakota State University and neither I nor my students got dramatic results from traditional exercise. After working with the DeepTone® special techniques and following the principles of the complete program, I dropped 20 pounds and 3 dress sizes. It’s been eight years and I’m still thrilled with the results I have achieved.

Traci Telander, M.S., Exercise Physiologist
Former Research Assistant for the U.S. Swim Team

The DeepTone® program is a breakthrough in the way Americans can achieve results.