Body-Shaping Fat Cure!

Rest your muscles,
you’ll get faster results

Take out aerobic activities in the beginning.
If you do a lot of vigorous aerobic activity, you
may not allow your muscles enough time to
rest adequately and this could actually prevent
you from seeing fast results. Remember, it’s
during rest days that your muscle fibers heal
and recover.

Don’t workout the next day
or the next...

This is the process by which you increase
your muscle mass. Working out the next day is
counter-productive, as you will only tear down
your muscles more. DeepTone® instructors
can modify any of our programs for professional

To lose fat you need
to gain muscle

That’s the key to burning more fat, calories
or cellulite and losing inches along wit healthy
eating habits.

Burn more calories!

DeepTone can help you increase your muscle
mass and boost your metabolism. If you have
muscle mass, you will burn more calories sitting
than someone who has no muscle mass.
Don’t confuse muscle mass with massive
muscles. Our intention here is NOT to make
you look like body builders. Most of our clients
are interested in achieving a more lean-trim
and fit-look.

DeepTone... thinner & more toned
in 3-5 workouts.

Each person’s body and metabolism varies,
but DeepTone clients have reported dramatic
and visible changes after only a few classes.
This includes weight loss, inch loss, toning
and strength gains.

DeepTone is not a magic pill. It is hard work
that works. With the Once A Week® workout
and nutrition program, you should see results
far sooner than you would with a traditional
exercise program.

Lost 31 lbs.

Before DeepTone®, I belonged to a gym and exercised 4-5 times a week for an hour and a half at each session. I did aerobics, cardio, kick-boxing, lifted weights and followed a low-fat diet. I still couldn’t lose weight. I was 144 lbs. and thought I was meant to have a pear shaped body because nothing worked and I didn’t know what else to do.

After the first 6 weeks of DeepTone, I didn’t even follow the nutrition program strictly and I lost 8 pounds. I was so much stronger and my clothes were looser. I continued with DeepTone and decided to get serious with the program. I concentrated my efforts and focus on achieving
the results that I wanted. I was thrilled.

I lost a total of 31 lbs. and went from a size 12 to a size 3. I also had 2 children while participating in the DeepTone program. DeepTone helped to get my body back in better shape than my prepregnancy body.

- Cindy

Jennifer’s Results