To Reshaping Your Body

The deep secret!

The DeepTone Once A Week® workout
program is very different than other exercise
programs. It is the only workout program on
the market that uses the CMRS Stimulus®
Training Technique to get faster results in
less time.

This workout method is so unique it has been
kept a trade secret for over two decades. It is
Federally protected as a trade secret under
State and Federal laws and only DeepTone
clients are permitted to learn these workout
techniques after signing a confidentiality

You won’t find this method
anywhere but DeepTone!

You won’t find this workout method in exercise
videos, books or even other workout programs
that try to market their once per week workouts
as being similar.

The DeepTone Once A Week® program is not
a conventional workout. It is not aerobics, yoga
or Pilates, and is very different than any typical
weight training program. DeepTone is a one-of-
a-kind unique program that gets sensational
results. It’s simply amazing and 15,000 testi-
monials back that up!

How does it work?

The DeepTone Once A Week® workout program is a
highly specialized strength conditioning program that
uses a unique method called the CMRS Stimulus®
training technique. This extremely efficient way of train-
ing incorporates 20 unique techniques to recruit more
than 31 muscle actions in a given exercise.

This layering process stimulates muscle fibers to gain
more myofibrils to contract and generate tension. The
body is then able to increase the amount of contractile
proteins (called actin and myosin) inside the muscle
fibers while the muscles are at rest.

The most brilliant and effective way
to get results in less time.

The muscle fibers throughout the body become more
metabolically active and can expend calories 24 hours
a day. The CMRS Stimulus® technique can accelerate
muscles to get stronger and harder and dramatically re-
shape your body with only a 1 hour class, once a week.
Because we own the trade secrets, you simply cannot
achieve the benefits of the CMRS Stimulus® workout
technique any place other than DeepTone.

What you should expect.

• The exercises take only seconds to perform.
• You only have to workout once per week!
• Classes are one hour long.
• It’s not a magic pill, it still takes hard work.
• Easy, fun nutrition programs. Eat the foods you love!
• Most people see up to a 15 lb. weight loss in 6 weeks.
• Caring and friendly atmosphere.

In only 6 weeks: (that’s only six
you’ll notice inch loss, fat
loss, toning, strength gains and better

Students often report that they have never experienced
anything like the DeepTone program. They also report
that they have never gotten such fast, dramatic changes
in their bodies.

With the CMRS Stimulus® technique, muscles are built
up more effectively and become a more powerful natural
furnace — burning more fat and calories and condensing
the body into its tightest and strongest shape.

Lost 35 lbs.

I have tried everything: aerobics, weight training, running, karate and was always on some kind of a diet. No matter how hard I had tried, I had never found that thing that would stop the gradual increase in weight.

I even trained one year for a 2 day 150 mile bike ride. I was riding my bike 3 days a week and doing aerobics and weight training 3 days a week. I was literally working out 6 days a week and for an hour or more each day. I never lost one pound during that 6 months of training. Who has time for that, especially when it isn’t working?

I joined DeepTone® at my top weight of 154 pounds. After my 6 week introductory class, for the first time in many years I had lost 7 lbs. I have lost a total of 35 lbs. with the DeepTone exercise and nutrition program. I am now lean, strong, and weigh 119 lbs. I also went from a size 14 to a 4. I have the body that I never thought was possible.

- Cindy

Cindy’s Results