Without Cardio

Don’t be a slave to
cardiovascular activity

Cardiovascular activities have their own distinct?
functions. They simply are not as effective
at increasing your metabolism, building
strength or toning because they do not
promote muscle growth.

Cardio / Aerobic
workouts can make you fat

DeepTone does not rely on cardiovascular or
aerobic activity to lose body fat. We recom-
mend you reduce or eliminate your cardiovas-
cular activities for at least 4 to 6 weeks during
your training program.

We also recommend never using cardio to lose
body fat. A lot of people participate in cardio-
vascular activity so they can eat! This is the
wrong reason. All that exercise makes you
hungry. The hungrier you are the more you eat.
The more you eat, the fatter you will become.
It’s a vicious cycle!

1 Hour, One Day A Week®
program is all you need to do!

DeepTone is your dream come true if you want
to lose weight or maintain your body weight by
only working out one hour each week and fol-
lowing healthy eating habits. You won’t have to
slave away doing your aerobic activity
every day.

Lose weight without cardio

While you’re trying to lose weight you can do any activity
leisurely, such as biking, walking, etc.

But you don’t need to do cardio exercise to lose body
fat. This approach makes people dependent on — or a
“slave” to — such activity to maintain their weight. With
DeepTone you can maintain your weight without cardio-
vasular activity!

The full story about cardio
and why it fails

For years we’ve been told that in order to lose weight
and maintain that weight loss, we need to perform some
kind of cardiovascular or aerobic workout for 45 to 60
minutes a day, several times a week.

Cardio won’t sculpt your body...
but DeepTone Once A Week® will!

So what’s happened to the people who have followed
that popular wisdom? Many still have saddlebags, flabby
thighs, bulging stomachs and bat-wing arms. They also
have become slaves to those cardiovascular workouts.
Why? Because if they ever reduce or stop those workouts,
they gain weight! They have become prisoners to
their exercise program!

Cardio won’t build incredible strength...
but DeepTone Once A Week® will!

Cardiovascular workouts certainly have their benefits.
In particular, they’re great for conditioning your heart
and lungs. But again, they simply are not as effective
at increasing your metabolism, tightening, toning or
building muscle.

Cardio is time consuming...
DeepTone 1 Hour A Week® saves time!

Because cardiovascular workouts do not promote
muscle growth, they demand a much bigger investment
of time and effort to achieve any kind of fat loss. Even
marathon runners, who put in long training hours and get
excellent aerobic workouts, can have cellulite and flabby,
untoned legs.

Cardio burns calories short term...
DeepTone burns calories 24 hours a day!

Muscles only work at peak performance during the aero-
bic exercise itself and only for a few hours afterwards.
So, what’s happening to their body the other twenty
hours during the day? Not much.

Your muscles boost your metabolism

Muscle growth is what it takes to encourage metabolic
activity. The muscle fibers throughout the body become
more metabolically active and can expend calories 24
hours a day. The result is a stronger, leaner, toned and
sculpted body.

With DeepTone you don’t need
cardio to look good

With the DeepTone Once A Week® workout program you
don’t need to over-exert yourself during cardio activities
and sweat up a storm to lose body fat. That’s an old way
of thinking, and makes people dependent on such activity
to maintain their weight.

Once an ideal or desired weight is achieved with the
DeepTone workout and nutrition program, you are
certainly free to add some cardiovascular activity. But,
with the DeepTone 1 Hour A Week® workout and healthy
eating practices, weight can be maintained whether or
not the cardiovascular activity is continued. More time
to enjoy life. DeepTone Once A Week® workout makes
that possible!

Lost 49 lbs.

I started gaining weight in my early twenties. I felt like I had tried everything to lose those pounds. I worked out at home with aerobic tapes. I joined a health club and even though I went regularly, I didn’t see any results. My husband brought me a newspaper clipping about the DeepTone Once A Week® workout program. I was skeptical, but I went to an introductory meeting.

The lecture was enlightening. I was skeptical because I had already wasted a lot of money with my health club memberships and didn’t want to invest again in something that wouldn’t be effective. For some reason, I believed that the DeepTone 1 Hour A Week® program could really work.

When I first started DeepTone, I was 152 pounds and wore a size 16. After just six weeks, not only had I lost 12 pounds, but I felt stronger and more confident. I continued with the program and lost a total of 49 pounds. I got down to 103 pounds.

- Tisha

Tisha’s Results