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The DeepTone workout program is also famous
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DeepTone® offers beginner classes and advanced
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Not just for celebrities

The DeepTone program can be followed by
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women and men, healthy people in good
condition and those who are out of condition.

Today, we have doctors, nurses, exercise
physiologists, and physical therapist (the “experts”)
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program themselves.

DeepTone clients also include celebrities,
CEO’s, political and TV personalities and
people from virtually every walk of life.

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Lost 29 lbs.

I used to work out in my basement at three o’clock in the morning, every morning. I worked out on the treadmill and worked out with weights for an hour-and-a-half every day and never saw any results. I felt fat and ugly, like a frumpy, old 51-year old. I also tried everything to lose weight but nothing ever worked.

I was reading the newspaper one day and saw an ad for the DeepTone 1 Hour A Week® workout program. I decided to try it and in the first six weeks, I lost nine pounds. I gained strength and toned my body.

I saw more results with working out only one hour, once weekly with the DeepTone six week workout program than I had in the months and months of working out every day with typical exercise. I continued with the second level classes that were offered and lost a total of 29 pounds. I started at 149 pounds and now I weigh 120.

- Cheryl

Cheryl’s Results