Can Make You Fat!

The health industry is failing us!

The health industry tells us that if we work
out 3-5 days a week, we will have fit, trim and
healthy bodies. Sadly, it just doesn’t work that
way for most.

More than 45 million Americans belong to
a health club. Yet, 60% of Americans are

Studies have shown typical
exercise can cause weight gain.

In a six month conventional exercise study
(using typical exercise protocols), 464 overweight
women worked out with a personal trainer.
Some up to 194 minutes per week. Even with
all that exercise, none of the women lost
significant weight and some of the women had
gained more than 10 pounds each.

Most of the women ate more calories then they
did before the study. They were more sedentary
when they got home and they tended to reward
themselves with food after they finished their
gym workout.

It’s a fact that if you are more physically active,
you are going to eat more because exercise
can stimulate your appetite.

DeepTone works because of it’s
special technique. It’s unique and
efficient...and it only requires
1 Workout A Week®

Lost 18 lbs.

As you can see by my before picture, it had really come down to decision time. I had a trip back to Australia coming up in only eight weeks and beach life isn’t quite the same with the threat of Green Peace trying to roll you back into the water to save your life. But seriously, I did want to get some weight off and look a little more like my old self again hoping my family might recognize me.

I had found out about the DeepTone 1 Hour, One Day A Week® program and, although more than a little skeptical, the Once A Week® workout program did sound very appealing to me. Face it, we all want to look good and the faster the better. In only eight weeks with the 1 Hour A Week® exercise and nutrition program, I lost 18 pounds, doubled my strength and regained some long forgotten muscle tone and defi nition. Sure, the results may vary for all individuals, and I won’t try to tell you that it’s easy. But the results? Well, you judge for yourself.

- Simon

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